Advisory board

Role of the scientific committee members

The scientific committee of the Summer University in social work is comprised of members chosen because of their interest in the focus of the 2014 edition (from June 30th to July 11th.), i.e. «Vulnerability, Empowerment and Social Work», as well as of representatives of various institutional partners with whom we have worked for the past few years.

The members of this international scientific committee are regularly informed of the Summer University’s activities (lectures; scientific meetings; debates); they are expected to give advice on the structure and content of the program, and are asked to comment on the introduction paper that will be sent to all the enrolled students and all lecturers a few weeks before the program starts.

Moreover, the committee members – or a member of their team or a work colleague from their institution – are invited to give a lecture during the two-week program.

Finally, they play a role in promoting the Summer University within their institution and academic networks, as well as in disseminating useful information to their students.


  • Dre Jenny Assi, SUPSI, Manno
  • Prof. Jean-François Bickel, HEF-TS, Givisiez
  • Prof. Claudio Bolzman, HETS, Geneva
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Bonvin, HETS&Sa | EESP, Lausanne
  • Prof. Marianne Modak, HETS&Sa | EESP, Lausanne
  • Prof. Michel Oris, University of Geneva
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Tabin, HETS&Sa | EESP, Lausanne