Edition 2009

1st Summer University, Gender and Migration

Lausanne, June 29th to July 10th 2009

The first Summer University in Social work was held in the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland from June, 29th till July, 10th.

15 postgraduate students from the US, Canada, China, Finland, France, Iran, Mexico, Romania, Russia and Switzerland enthusiastically followed lectures about Gender, Migration and Social Work given by top-level professors from various part of the world. Students and their professors also found field visits and workshops particularly interesting.

Students presented their work at the end of the Summer University. Different subjects were studied and presented :

  • Prevention work with immigrant youth
  • Model for migration services for low-income women
  • Illegal Mexican and Central American immigration in North America
  • Violence against women


The first edition of the Summer university focused on Gender and Migration.

The term "gender" refers to the social and cultural constructions of the masculine and the feminine in society. These social constructions, which are founded on hierarchically organized modes of differentiation, have an impact on social problems, on social work clients and of course on social work professionals.

International mobility is on the increase. Migration occurs for various reasons, which stem from economic, labor, political, ecological and other issues. Migration often leads to social and cultural problems, a major issue for social work.

You can see the program.

The first Summer university in Social work was a great experience !

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